Explore false memory and perceptions of time with Peter Gray and Nine Thyme pulled into an adventure with Kandy while caught in a battle over the research and control of the drug, vampire ice.

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Read the original 29-episode serial, Kandy Fangs 1 starting with Beer Bottle Gang Fight and use the Next links to follow along, or see the table of contents.

“Life is a memory, a blood-spattered stain on the cosmos where ghosts relive every moment”. -Steve Reynolds

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Venom’s world is dark, violent, vivid!

Feidor S LaView

The memory-thief concept has turned the vampire shtick on its head

Jason Coggins

…exciting, horrific, mysterious, vivid, atmospheric experience in a world inhabited by rich and large, life-like characters that will surely stay with me for a long time

Cindy Vaskova